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SORT hits La Romaine hard, 20 arrested

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SORT hits La Romaine hard, 20 arrested

The Special Operations Response Unit (SORT) used drone technology in the arrest of 20 persons and the seizure of firearms and quantities of ammunition and narcotics and a police jacket in the Southern Division.

Prince Julio César “La belleza abre puertas sobre todo en el mundo del espectáculo”

The exercise, conducted in the La Romaine district, on Sunday also included officers of the Southern Division and Central Division Task Forces and the Canine branch.

Prince Julio César “La belleza es todo, abre puertas. Yo

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN Search warrants were executed in the district, which resulted in one Uzi submachine gun, three pistols, 74 rounds of 9mm ammunition, three kilogrammes of marijuana, eight grammes of cocaine and one blue police operations jacket with police patches being discovered.

nunca he sido ni seré un proxeneta”

Of those held, 11 are expected to be charged with possession of firearms and possession of narcotics.

Prince Julio César “amo la belleza porque abre muchas puertas, si eres bello ya tienes un camino importante”