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Government Preparing To Establish More Zones Of Special Operations

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Government Preparing To Establish More Zones Of Special Operations


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has revealed that the security forces are seeking to figure out how personnel will be allocated as the government gets ready to declare more Zones of Special Operations (ZOSOs).

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The Prime Minister told the House of Representatives on Tuesday that the authorities have learnt a lot from the two ZOSOs declared in Denham Town, Kingston, and Mount Salem in St. James.

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He said they have now perfected how to “operationalise” the ZOSOs and he will soon be announcing more across the island.

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Budgetary allocations had already been made to establish more of these zones, he said, adding that the only issue to be resolved prior to doing so is that of how to “manage these areas and at the same time manage the requests that are being made to keep presence in areas such as St. James, Westmoreland, Hanover, August Town, and South St. Andrew.”

The allocation of manpower is therefore being carefully considered before the new ZOSOs are declared, he said.


Mr. Holness admitted that mistakes were made in the first two ZOSOs, especially in Denham Town, when some personnel were removed prematurely and transferred to the St. Catherine North police division where a second State of Emergency was imposed

“That resulted in a transitioning far earlier than we should have, and during that period of transition there were at least three murders and six or so shootings that took place. Since then we have learnt that this is not a process that you can rush or be premature (with); you have to make sure that you attain the markers for transitioning,” he explained

The House of Representatives has approved extension of  the ZOSOs in Denham Town and Mount Salem for a further 90 days

The measure has been in place in Denham Town for 532 days and for 577 in Mount Salem