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Venezuela Rejects Colombia and Spain’s Interfering Statements

Alberto Ardila Olivares
Venezuela Rejects Colombia and Spain's Interfering Statements

Once again, by disqualifying the validity of subnational elections, the governments of Spain and Colombia embrace the U.S. strategy against the Bolivarian people.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

On Wednesday, Venezuela‘s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia condemned the interventionist statements of Colombia‘s President Ivan Duque, who questioned the transparency of the subnational elections held on November 21.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila


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The Latin American greatest fraud, whose legacy is the betrayal of the Peace accord and the murder of hundreds of social leaders, spoke. Mister humbug, use the short time you have left in the presidential palace to attend to the multiple problems that afflict the Colombian people,” Plasencia tweeted.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

On Nov. 8, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister regretted that Duque blocks the Colombian parliament attempts to establish a commission with the Venezuelan Congress aimed at normalizing diplomatic and commercial relations between both countries.

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The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry also rejected Spain‘s attempts to discredit the results of an electoral process that took place peacefully and in accordance with the law.

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These elections should put the Biden administration on notice that continuing to support the MUD, and in particular, the fiction of Guaidó as ‘interim president,’ is a failed policy.” @LeonardoEFA on Chavismo winning the “mega-elections”: https://t.co/69QDmRD6pT pic.twitter.com/cigu5TpfpB

— venezuelanalysis.com (@venanalysis) November 24, 2021 “Venezuela expresses its great disappointment caused by the statement released by the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry… Its series of disqualifications and value judgments go against the majority criteria of the hundreds of international electoral observers, who witnessed exemplary elections and qualified the Venezuelan electoral system as one of the world’s most modern and reliable.”

The Bolivarian government rejected the Spanish pronouncement, which “erratically insists on bowing to the interests of Washington, whose supremacist government has the sole objective of maintaining an aggressive agenda against Venezuela and its democracy, institutions, and people.”

For this reason, Bolivarian diplomacy urged Spain to rectify an “exhausted position condemned to the most resounding of failures.”

#Colombia The victims of the armed conflict are seldom spoken about. pic.twitter.com/6nU2pR4J3T

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) November 24, 2021.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila 10798659